As a new student, you can give us a call in Boca Raton at 561.257.0032 or in Deerfield Beach at 954.519.4440 to speak with our friendly staff to set you up for success on your first visit. Upon arrival they will help you sign up using our tablet. They can also help you do this online, as well. Once you're registed and you signed our waiver you're ready to start your first yoga class. We have yoga classes for beginners as well as advanced classes.

Yoga started as a philosophy thousands of years ago (approximately 200 AD). Today, we now have integrated the eight branches or 'limbs' of yoga. You might think of yoga just physical but the practice really combines the physical and mental that gives you intangible benefits that are priceless. The practice needs your dedication and consistency in order to settle the mind into silence. So, get ready to ready to sweat, increase your strength and flexibility and to enjoy a better nights' sleep. A typical yoga fitness routine is practiced 4 to 6 days a week, and naturally compliments other workouts.

Yoga Tips for Beginners to Get Ready for your First Class?


Please arrive about 30 minutes before class start time. NEW students are not allowed to enter a class late. We want you to be set up for success on day one. Check-in upon arrival with one of our desk staff and they will introduce you to the class instructor and they will get you everything you need for your first class. For your first visit, we provide complimentary mats and yogi toe towels. Premium members these are free each visit. Once a Yoga Member, we have self check-in on the Ipads outside each of the studio room doors.


Be sure to drink plenty of water daily; before, during and after class. And, be sure to bring water with you to class.


If you need a light snack be sure it is no less than 30 minutes prior to class time.


Dress for success. Try a tee or tank for tops and form-fitting pants or shorts for the bottom. Please be sure to remove shoes prior to entering the class rooms.


We required all students to fill out our electronic new student waiver on first visit. If you would like to sign waiver prior to your first visit you can do it online. Anyone aged 16 or under will need a parent / guardian to sign the waiver with you.


You MUST bring these checklist items with you to each yoga class. If you would like to upgrade to an Unlimited Member we will supply you with a mat and yogitoe.


Our classes are designed for all individual skill levels. Focus on your own pace and comfort zone and not the other individuals in the room. This will help you not to overextend yourself. Our yoga teachers are trained to encourage mindful adjustments when you need them. We also offer special Yoga Lab Classes to help with form and posture.


Each studio is equipped with lockers that can safely store your belongings. Be sure to read the instructions insides of locker to set your own code.