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Video Production Services in South Florida

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Welcome to our Fort Lauderdale Video Services Production Company. We are a full service video production company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We specialize in shooting with HD video production equipment to produce business commercials that can be played on the internet, on television, inside patient waiting rooms, at trade shows, and on personal computers. We also specialize in wedding videos and special event videos. We are a one-stop-shop Video Production House with camera crews, video editors, extensive video equipment and lighting, HD film studio with green screen capabilities, sound room, and a pre and post video editing suite utilizing Final Cut Pro Suite and motion graphics customization.

Web video production is proven to convert business more than any form of marketing (print, radio, billboard) because of faster internet access, its ability to capture a audience for you to tell your story in a clear concise manner that is easily to understand so they can retain and learn more about you!

Fort Lauderdale Video Production Services: We have been providing full-service production services in Fort Lauderdale for a variety of business and commercial clientele. Our video team collectively and creatively handles the writing, production, editing from existing concepts and creates a powerful video marketing piece to bring it to life! All video is produced and shoot in HD. A wide array of video production prices and packages are created to maximize the use of our services to create your final product, whether it is network spot, local spot commercial, music video, educational videos, safety videos, licensing promo piece, PR video news release, Infomercial, B-roll production, corporate documentary, we will create the vision all within your budget requirements at our video production Ft Lauderdale location. Call 561.338.7594 for Fort Lauderdale video production rates and services.

Fort Lauderdale Weddings Video Production Services: Fort Lauderdale's best wedding videographers capture the most important moments that matter in your life on YOUR special day. We bring your wedding day to life by capturing you and you mates personal moments together. It takes a true video artist to film your most private memories while respecting your own creative vision of how you would like your wedding day represented. We have custom wedding video packages that are tailored to fit within any wedding planning budget. Our wedding productions are film with either one High Definition camera or two HD cameras and either one cinematographer or two cinematographers. We use wireless microphones during the wedding ceremony and during the wedding reception, if requested. Ft Lauderdale wedding video prices are based upon the number of hours requested, wedding video montage created and the length of the wedding video editing time. Ask our about Jewish wedding video samples, wedding pictures and creating a wedding photos montage cd. Please call 561.338.7594 for wedding video pricing packages and to schedule a Fort Lauderdale wedding videographer.

Fort Lauderdale Corporate Video Production: Creating your corporate image using video can dramatically increase the number of new customers. Research has shown that corporations utilizing video to get their message across converts business more effectively. A business video commercial brings your brochures to life! Did you know over 60% of internet video viewers prefer videos that are professionally produced? That is where we come in. We create your corporate image with creative video marketing that tell your story to your target audience and we generate results. From today's video on-demand, HD Blue-ray to web video production are all bringing a wider range of businesses and industries into video marketing to create webmercials, webisodes, corporate training videos, and DVD brochures. You too can increase your business by utilizing our video marketing solutions. Please call 561.338.7594 for more information on our corporate videos and to see our corporate video samples.

Fort Lauderdale Event Video Production: We are a full service event video production company in south Florida. Our Fort Lauderdale event video services over the years have expanded to include event planning, event marketing and event public relations. Our clients were looking more and more for a one-stop-shop and that is exactly what we did! Our event videography team provides special event coverage for non-profit charity organizations fundraisers, corporate functions, public speaking seminars, sizzle videos of event, tradeshow events, community events, grand opening events, pre-event promotional videos, concerts, musical events, theater events, festival events and art shows just to name a few types of events covered. Your event can be captured with one camera or multiple cameras, audio sound captured wireless or hardwired. If you need event planning for your next event we are able to secure event locations, decor companies, entertainment, flowers, caterers and anything else that you need to make your event memorable. And, if you need event marketing and PR for your event we can do that too. We'll market your event on our websites, event websites and we will reach out to local news organizations to get your event noticed and we will create a press release and add it to PR news websites. If you need pre and post event publishing to social networks such as Vimeo, YouTude, Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter we can do that too! We will even create an event DVD and replicate it. Please call 561.338.7594 to schedule your event video coverage.

Fort Lauderdale Green Screen Video Production Services: Our Green Screen Studio Fort Lauderdale location is walled from floor to ceiling and versatile for green chroma videos for Web, TV, and Film Studio Productions. We offer complete soundproof and comfortable accommodations. Our virtual sets have been created with cool soft tungsten and KINO lights, HD camera and SD camera equipment, sound equipment, teleprompters, jib & dolly, virtual sets. Our talented on camera hosts can be utilized for product demos, corporate training videos, video business commercials and music videos. You can event bring your own crew or we can plan and execute the entire video project for you. We have professional cameramen, sound engineers, make-up artists, lighting & grip techs, wireless lav, and DP's. And, we offer a full kitchen for catering services. Everything is Virtually possible when utilizing Green Screen! 3 hour blocks, Half Day and Full Day Studio rentals available. Please call 561.338.7594 for Green Screen pricing and additional green screen costs associated with production crew.

Fort Lauderdale Marketing Video Production: We are a full service Online Video Marketing and Media Video Production Company that specializes in optimizing videos and website content so you can be attractive to search engines and to people searching for you, your services and your videos. Online marketing is highly successful if your website, videos, and social networking content are search engine optimized, search engine friendly, so they can be recognized and respected by the major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN and Ask.com. We offer our services for your own website and we also do online video production on our own marketing video production website in south Florida. We do keyword research for your product and services to get an understanding of how people search for information related to your industry using local keyword searches on the internet. The information that we gather and collect allows us to know exactly how many searches are performed daily and monthly throughout different times of the year. These trends allow us to choose keywords and keyword phrases that will direct the most amount of visitors to your website as well as ours. In the end it is a numbers game...the one with the most internet traffic wins! Well not necessarily, you still need keyword content that is appealing to your visitors in order to sell them on your and your services. This is where our content development team comes into play. After they created text that has the correct number of keywords, i.e. keyword density / keyword frequency, in order to make the search engines happy and generated page 1 ranking they also write content that speaks and appeals to all people regardless of their education on the subject matter. This is how we convert your visitors into clients. Now you are a winner! Please call 561.338.7594 to create your own customized video marketing campaign.

Fort Lauderdale Medical Video Production: We produce video segments that span the cosmetic medical field and general medical procedure areas. Our medical video segments are produced using a wide variety of actual patients going through real medical procedures that include before and after pictures. Our doctors' medical knowledge helps us to produce informative educational promotional pieces that cature potential patients interested in having that medical procedure performed. We have created and produced medical videos for pharmaceutical manufacturer companies, local hospitals, doctors, medical staff personnel, medical clinics, medical facility video tour, med spas, medical equipment companies, dental and healthcare professionals, and non-profit organizations. Our medical and health care video production services are used in patient waiting rooms, training staff on procedure, medical seminars, medical conferences, lectures, new product launches, tradeshows, medical webcast, and networking events. Our medical videographers and medical writers work with your concepts and ideas; storyboard and medical scripts, to bring them to life. We also keep your medical videos up-to-date if you have older medical videos that you need converted to a DVD format or Flash video format. Please call 561.338.7594 for medical video production rates.

Fort Lauderdale Video Production: We produce a full range of high definition video production programming and post production video services all the way through to media delivery platforms; TV broadcasting, YouTube, Vimeo, PR Newswires, Facebook as well as viral video production for social networking websites. Our video production house offers the best Fort Lauderdale video editing team to provide post production services; CD duplication services, CD replication, CD printing, CD mastering, video hosting, webcast, convert VHS to DVD, hourly editing services or if your looking to hire a Fort Lauderdale videograher by the hour. Please call 561.338.7594 for a video production cost breakdown to produce your next video.

Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Video: The best way to market and promote your Fort Lauderdale real estate properties is by having a real estate video commercial (as real estate virtual tours are outdated) shot and marketed on a website that has powerful internet presence such as ours! The majority of real estate sold today is found online. Russell Spadaccini is quoted as saying, "Pictures are worth-a-thousand-words but video is worth MILLIONS!" Our Video Optimization (SEO) allows your property to be viewed by potentials buyers from around the world 24/7, 365 days a year gives your property the best chance of being seen and sold. Gone are the days of driving to see 30 houses before finding the home of your dream. We shoot and edit your real estate property listings in Fort Lauderdale and then they are uploaded onto social networking websites such as, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and on our own network of internet websites that are search engine optimized for south Florida real estate. Choose from our Fort Lauderdale Video Packages: Standard Video Tour with music overlay, Agent Introduction with Agent voice-over, or with our voice-over using our scrited template, and/or creat your own real estate company commercial for your brokerage company. Our real estate videographers are on property for approximately one hour and from the footage shot will create a 2 - 3 minute video. We also assist with adding the video to your own website, MLS listing, or any other site that you utilize to market your real estate properties. Please call 561.338.7594 for real estate video pricing and to market your real estate property.

Fort Lauderdale Advertising Agency: We are a full service Fort Lauderdale Advertising Agency that offers intergrated marketing solutions in south Florida. Our list of services include brand creation, business marketing strategy, media planning and buying, online web strategy, email marketing campaigns, search engine marketing and seo, web IT, public relations and special event planning and promotion, website design and development, web content creation for business websites and content for social networking sites, printing and graphic design services, and Fort Lauderdale marketing for video projects.

Fort Lauderdale Music Video Production: Showcase your musical talents to the world! More and more music videos are being shot on full green screen, however, Fort Lauderdale provides some of the best shots for music video production shoots in south Florida. It takes special artist talent when making a music video. Our talented team provides music video production tips for talented musicians looking for their break into the music world. Please call 561.338.7594 to produce your next Fort Lauderdale film production music video.

Fort Lauderdale TV Production Services: We produce TV Commercials for local businesses to national clients looking for video production services that can accommodate moderate budgets to national clients with bigger budgets that require location scouting, props, luxury and exotic cars, fashion models, shot-lists, story boards, voice-over talent, original music compositions and arrangements. Our Fort Lauderdale production companies will cater to all industries; medical videos, business videos, tourism travel videos, automotive videos, restaurant videos just to name a few. Once your video project has wrapped it will be edited and polished by our in-house post production team on using Final Cut Pro's Digital Video Editing Suite. Our TV commercials have been aired on Comcast, DirecTV, national stations, and the internet. Please call 561.338.7594 to produce your next TV Commercial Production.

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