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Intro to 'The Insight'
Intro to 'The Insight'     Dating     Being True to Yourself      
 Forgive and Forget     The Law of Attraction     The One     Financial Awareness     
 Health & Wellness     
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BocaRaton.com Introduces ‘The Insight’ Webisodes, featuring Guest Hosts, Live Call-ins, Interactive Blogs on Topics From Holistic Health to Dealing With Change

BocaRaton.com and The Bites! Network debuted South Florida’s first weekly webisode--- a transformational show called “The Insight” featuring three hosts who will discuss various topics dealing with effective change, positive thinking, holistic health, balanced relationships, self care, spiritual growth and more. In addition, there will be guest hosts, live call-ins and interactive blogs.

Executive Producer Russell Spadaccini is the brainchild behind this project. Once again, he is on the cutting edge of the next big idea in multimedia content. More and more people are turning to the Internet for their news and entertainment, a concept he has capitalized on with his video-laden on-line news format intrinsic to BocaRaton.com. With this show, he takes that notion a step further. He says, “’The Insight’ offers a positive approach to the world around us by focusing on the solutions rather than the problems that effect us. BocaRaton.com has always sought to promote the best of our community. ‘The Insight’ is just the next step.”

To help germinate the idea further, he brought on board three hosts with expertise on the matters at hand; each will take a different approach based on their own experiences and career path. Barry Gottlieb is a successful businessman, coach and public speaker; Kelley J. Kosow is not only a successful attorney and Certified Master Integrated Coach™, but works with revolutionary thinker Debbie Ford and has created the “Go Goddess Girl! Which Goddess are you?” book, seminars and games; Lynn Karen Lampert, Ph.D., has an Integrative Psychotherapy and Wellness Coaching Practice and offers a Holistic Approach to Mind, Body and Spirit.

Spadaccini also brought on board Rachel Galvin as producer. With ten years of writing, editorial experience and 12 years in the acting, production field, her creativity will help the project blossom.

New Age philosophies have spread worldwide as people seek new approaches to living, including Oprah Winfrey’s popular webisode with Eckhart Tolle and the mega-hit “The Secret.” BocaRaton.com hopes that “The Insight” will be one more avenue for people to find meaning and solutions in their life. "The Insight” aired in early August exclusively on BocaRaton.com & The Bites! Network.

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Barry Gottlieb

With his mind for business, Gottlieb was not only a Vice President of Sales for a billion dollar company, but also built a $75 million international company from the ground up. He passes on his secret to success by focusing not only on business acumen but also positive attitude. As founder and president of Coaching the Winners Edge organization and coaching program, he offers guidance to individuals and corporations. He brings home his approach through his book “Brilliant on the Basics” and his former talk radio program, The Success Show.

Kelley J. Kosow, Esquire

In addition to being a local litigator who has worked with two major Miami law firms and a certified family law mediator, this mother of three became founder and president of her own company called Go Goddess!™ Inc, which helped to inspire and educate young girls and women. She also co-wrote “Go Goddess Girl! Which Goddess are you?” which received international exposure through being featured in Oprah, In Style, People, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and elsewhere. Today, she operates as a Certified Master Integrative Coach™, focusing on Spiritual Divorce. In addition, she works with revolutionary thinker Debbie Ford. In 2008, Kelley co-founded Relationomics, Inc. to bring her coaching to the corporate environment and create a new relational architecture.

Lynn Karen Lampert, Ph.D.

Over the last 25 years, Dr. Lynn Karen Lampert has utilized an integrated mind-body-spirit approach in her field of psychological counseling. Starting her career as an elementary school counselor, Dr. Lampert’s career evolved to counseling individuals, families and couples on a variety of issues. She has also conducted assertiveness training workshops and lectured on love and relationships. Dr. Lampert hosted an Internet radio show entitled “Relationships, Life and Stuff,” where she interviewed best selling authors on a variety of interesting topics. In addition, this mother of two is certified as a life coach and personal trainer.

Rachel Galvin

Rachel Galvin has been entrenched in the film industry for the last 12 years, as everything from an independent film actress and host to a producer, talent manager, casting director, filmmaker and more. In addition, she has been a professional freelance writer/ editor for the last ten years working with top local magazines and newspaper periodicals. She melds her industry expertise with her background in marketing and a passion for the Law of Attraction and transformational thinking into the creation of this groundbreaking web show.


Episode 1: Being True to Yourself

Do you find people pull you in a million different directions? Our hosts will discuss how to stay true to what you want to do in the midst of “shoulds,” how to say “no” when you mean “no” instead of giving into others. Being assertive, rather than passive or aggressive can be a first step to success!

Episode 2: Dating

Over the years, the dating game has changed. Our hosts will discuss how to get back into the dating game no matter your age or circumstance, how to break barriers and fear and do it anyway. They also will talk about the best way to meet someone special.

Episode 3: Forgive and Forget

Do you hold a grudge? Resentment can lead to pain and even illness. Time to brush it off and learn to release it. Easier said than done? Our hosts will talk about ways to forgive so you can move on to a new future.

Episode 4: The Law of Attraction

If The Secret to the law of the attraction is really out, then why for so many of us is there still a gap between what we say we want and the life we are actually living? If our thoughts can create our reality, then why don’t we all have the life of our dreams? Our hosts will talk about the next step, the missing link, to finding and obtaining your heart’s desire.

Episode 5: The One

So many of us are searching for our soul mate…that one special person that we are destined to be with. Do soul mates exist? Does this concept serve us because it keeps it focused on finding the right one or does it sabotage us because it keeps us from considering the one who is right now? Our hosts will talk about the soul mate dilemma.

Episode 6: Financial Awareness

Abundance is all around us. One only has to reach out and grab it. Why is it that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer? Why do mega-millionaires lose money only to grab it right back up again? Our hosts will discuss ways to bring abundance into your life!

Episode 7: Health & Wellness

Your body is a portal to the world around you. Taking care of it will lead to an optimal output of energy, clarity and focus. By strengthening your body, you are allowing yourself to receive more abundance into your life. Our hosts will discuss approaches to health (diet, exercise, etc.) and anti-aging strategies.

Episode 8: Prevention and Healing

In this episode, the hosts will delve into the topic of holistic medicine. What is it? What makes it different than traditional practices? Is there a way that this type of healing can help your life?

Episode 9: Spiritual Connection

There are many ways of thinking about God or source or a universal creator. Why is a sense of spirituality important or is it? Our hosts will talk about the many versions of God in the world and how they merge or are in discord. It will include both traditional and new age philosophies.

Episode 10: Addiction

Addiction comes in many forms and can have an adverse and sometimes fatal effect on the life and health of the one who is addicted as well as everyone around him or her. But overcoming it is not often as simple as just saying ‘no.’ Our hosts will talk about the problem of addiction (cigarettes, anorexia, alcohol and drugs, etc) and the steps toward healing.

Episode 11: True Purpose

How do we discover our true purpose? Why were we put here? Our hosts will discuss how to unveil our true purpose and live a fulfilled existence.

Episode 12: Unleashing Your Creativity

Many people say “I’m not creative.” Yet, we create ourselves and renew ourselves on a daily basis at a cellular level and even at the level of our personality. How do we get past the idea that we can’t no matter what it is we are trying to achieve? Our hosts will talk about the more abstract idea of overcoming “can’t” as well as how to get unstopped by the thought that you are not creative.

Episode 13: Animals as Healers

Animals have no ego; they are pure beings, filled with love and light and operating on an intuitive level. They don’t reject us and they teach us how to become better people. Our hosts will talk about how our animal friends may have much to teach us.

Episode 14: Envisioning Success

Athletes overcome great odds to push themselves to the limits. Astronauts undergo stringent physically demanding tests to defy all odds. How do we use our mind to conquer our bodies, to enhance our performance to create our realities? Our hosts will talk about techniques to help us maximize performance on a daily basis no matter the challenges we face.


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